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Forum posting  is the most common form of SEO,advertising and even finding answers relating to your queries.This page guides you how to search forum using “Google search engine”.Google forum search technique is quite common and perfect for finding forums.The following is the step by step instruction of How to search forum using Google Search engine.
Forum search
Forum search

Forum search – Google forum search

  1. First of all you need to decide a general theme for the site.Like say I have this site so my general keyword is Muslim.First of all you need to make sure that you sort out general relevant keyword.It wille highly increase the no of searches relevant to your theme.
  2. Open up Google search will give you best searches.Local and native search engines like give you many of the local searches.The choice is yours.If effects searches to some extent.Clear Cache and log out while searching.We do not know this common thing that Google use personalize data for search results.
  3. This is the query that we generally use to find out forums. “keyword”+”powered by forum software name”.I shall elaborate with an example to make things more clear to you. Lets continue with our previous keyword that I have mentioned in 1st point. “Muslim”+”powered by vBulletin”. Simply add this query in and you will find a lot of results matching your needs.
  4. Keep on opening each forum and adding the URL in an excel or Google Doc sheet. When done sort out the list. Remove forums that are being repeated in sheet.Using this method we get a comprehensive list of forums relating to our theme.
  5. The name of other free do-follow forum software’s are
  • phpbb
  • mybb
  • IPboard
  • smf
  • ultrabb
  • minibb
  • punbb


The last three in the list are new.Vbulletin is always considered to be best free forum software for searches.In addition to this phpbb,mybb gives you a good list of dofollow forums. Ultrabb and minibb are totally new so a very few forums.smf and IPboard have issue that many of them are no-follow.

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